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Invite Friends!

Introduce others to BioLabRx® products, and be Rewarded!
They Save $10 and You Get $10 + 10% of the purchases they make!
The more friends you refer, the more you earn. Start earning Today!

step 1 Make your purchase and then click on My Account. Click on Refer A Friend (in blue) and accept Terms and Conditions and you will receive your unique Rewards code and Referral link to share with friends.

step 2 Email your Rewards Code and  Referral link to all of your friends or share your Link and Code on social media!

step 3 New customers will receive $10 off their first order of $100 or more when they apply your Reward code during checkout or join through your link.

step 4 You earn $10 for each new customer you refer after they make a purchase and as soon as their order ships. Plus, you will get further 10% of each purchase he/ she makes in the future. It's unlimited lifelong rewards. They can be applied towards your purchases or cash out for a payment.