Hair Growth Vitamins, How to Choose the Right Supplement?

There are so many different hair vitamins that address every conceivable hair concern, how do you know what vitamins or supplements are the right ones for you?
And while there’s no question you can gain all sorts of benefits from using a natural hair supplement, which one is right for you? Here are a few points to consider when looking:

What do you need a vitamin for?

First and foremost find the right supplement that addresses your primary hair loss concern. As an example; if you’re dealing with hereditary pattern hair loss, a vitamin formulated for rapid hair growth, would not be your first pick. Why, because hair loss vitamins usually contain some form of anti-DHT nutrient, while a vitamin for faster growing hair probably loads up on protein to feed and energize the hair.


Can you never go wrong with reading client reviews.  Check to see if the product you’re considering has recent, positive feedback from previous customers. People love to share their experiences, so a vitamin with minimal or no positive testimonials or reviews probably isn’t the best to try.


Any good supplements are going to contain a few key ingredients. This is simply because all hair has very similar nutrition needs to be healthy. Hair Rescue Rx contains Biotin, Thiamin and Riboflavin; including B1, B2, B6, B12 vitamins.

Hair Type

Hair type is good to consider because some vitamins for hair may contain ingredients that can help certain hair types more than others. If you have very dry hair with excessive breakage, a supplement that contains moisturizing essential oils will offer more benefit to you than one that doesn’t.

Remember, choose the right hair supplement that meets your specific needs.

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